11 Tips for Google My Business Listing Optimization 2022

January 24, 2022

How To Use Google My Business Profile?

Can you imagine today a business that is not visible on Google? Neither do we. Officially known as a Business Profile or Google Maps, this powerful listing of your business gives you an opportunity to meet your potential customers quickly.

They can learn about your best features and connect with your business right away. The best advantage is that is completely free. If you don’t have one, you can easily open it here and start your journey on Google.

When your business listing appears in local searches, you already have a big chance the customers will visit your website or call you immediately.

Optimizing your Google My Business Profile helps you rank higher on Google and on the first page of search results.

Let’s get you into this powerful tool. What does Optimized Google my Business profile looks like?


Let us show you the top tips for improving your Google My Business listing for more visibility and engagement with your business.

1) Choose the name of your business

Do not use a long name. Be specific and choose a proper name that appears in other places in the online world.

2)    Add a Description

Make sure to put as much information about your business as you can so potential customers and readers can find what they are looking for

3)    Select attributes

The list of attributes depends on your type of business. You will not have all of the lists of possible attributes, but only those references to your category. They are a great way to communicate business information and help Google listing stand out when customers are searching for a specific business. It’s very important to display all relevant offerings.

4)    Choose a Correct Category of your business

You need to choose the correct category. This is very important since helps your business appear in searches in areas nearby.

5)    Add a local phone number to your listing

Putting your number visible on Google My Business, people who are searching for services of your business can call you immediately.

6)    Add your business address

Make sure to put the correct business address. The address shown on Google needs to be the same as the address on the website or some other site. This is very important so the customers can easily find you at the right address.

7)    Add working hours

Working hours are an important part of google my business optimization since more likely your business will appear on Google searches during the opening hours.

 8)   Add photos

   In today’s time, the images you provide help you stand out from your competitors. Adding photos to your listing is very simple. Find section Photos or just click on the bottom left on your screen. In that way, you can upload any photo or video media you want. There are a few things you need to have on your mind before uploading photos :

  •     Photo must be JPG or PNG format
  •     The recommended dimension of the photo is 720 x 720
  •     Image full-size max. 5MB

Google provides you section of photos of the exterior, interior, products, food, and drink, depending on your type of business.

Besides the photos in your GMB gallery, there is also a Logo Photo and Cover photo. Make sure to upload it, too.

9)    Get reviews from your customers

We all know how online reviews are a powerful tool, both local searches and getting new customers. The reason is that while potential consumers are searching for a specific service they are looking for reviews first. 5-star reviews help you be ranked higher on Google. Provide your customers small guide on how to write a review. This will be much appreciated for your business when it comes to the online presence on Google. After you get a review, make sure to respond to it. In this way, you will show to other consumers who may be considering leaving a review that their feedback will be acknowledged and appreciated.

It’s much harder to respond to negative reviews, but don’t let them unbrave you. Even though you will need to deal with it, you shouldn’t put yourself off leaving a polite, professional response, for the one who wrote it but also for the future readers.

10)  Post to your Google My Business

There are different types of Google Post: Offers, What’s New, Events, Product

Publishing Google posts is very simple, even simpler than on social media. Make sure to choose the most appropriate type of post. Fill out the post with the photo, description, and call to action. Keep your posts professional, it’s the way of communication with your audience and potential customers.

11)  Q & A section

This section appears also when people are finding your listing. Anyone with a Google account can leave Questions for the business. It’s very important you respond to a specific question. Two reasons are there crucial: Google will recognize responding to questions and find your business responsive and customer-focused and customers appreciate having their questions answered.

The benefits of managing Google My Business are huge, and companies that dedicate their time to optimizing and managing their profiles are more likely to achieve greater visibility and sales than customers nearby. Therefore, it will have an advantage over the competition.

If you need help with your Google my Business profile, you can contact us here.

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