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As a small business marketing agency, we are focused…

Importance of LOCAL SEO

If you are running a local business in multiple locations, local search engine optimization is a winning formula to place your brand in specific target locations and increase traffic on the website.

It’s necessary that search engines have an exact business address so customers can find your business and the right direction to it.



What is Local SEO and how it works

With this way of managing its brand online, local SEO is a process by which marketing strategies and goals increase the visibility of small local businesses and companies with multiple locations within a geographic area.


According to one survey, 93 percent of consumers search for services and activities near them to find what they need. As many as 80 percent of these visits result in the customer making a call or visiting a branch. It is important to note that the search is performed via mobile devices. Given that – we ask you – is your site adapted to mobile devices?


Increase resources and efforts when it comes to your local SEO optimization and thus reach your high-potential customers near you.


G king marketing offers local SEO services and in that way, your business achieves a better ranking compared to the competition, which ultimately leads to an increase in profits.


What are the local factors of SEO ranking?


In order to position yourself as much as possible on Google, it is necessary to synchronize and respect several factors.



Best marketing service for small business


G king marketing is a digital marketing agency based in LA. We are aware of how important the local SEO process is for branding a local brand. 

That is why we are here for you to help you invest in the right value for money. Our business is based on all the goals in the steps of the marketing strategy in order for your brand to increase profits.


Become a partner of our local SEO agency and use our proven strategies and tactics to win your competition and make your community of loyal consumers.





Why Choose us

G king marketing is a trusted full-service digital marketing agency. From the very first start, our mission is to turn challenges into revenue. How do we do that? We are focused on all your digital needs: website traffic, SEO, SEO local, social media marketing.

Guided by thought, the customer is always in the first place. We will improve and give power to your brand so you can reach a community of regular and satisfied consumers.

As an Irvine-based digital marketing agency, we are committed to providing high-level customer service for a true return on investment.

We are aware that running a business is big enough on its own, so if you are doing your internet marketing, stop it right now. Leave all the strategy and implementation up to us. Feel free to get back to your business and we will be more than pleased to do everything for you.

G king marketing grows businesses using proven and tested digital marketing strategies and expands their potential. 




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Search engine optimization vizual

The higher your web site is ranked, the more clicks and action purchase you will be given.

Our main focus is to lead your business to success.

That means we will  use the best SEO techniques, practices and strategies to

achieve the best result in search engines in the shortest time.

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Local search engine optimization vizual

We provide assistance in promoting your business in a specific geographical

area meaning strengthening your brand to potential customers ‘’near you’’.

Growing online within your location is very useful for your local bussines.